Beautiful Bridesmaids

Forget tacky, over-the-top dresses they won’t ever wear again. Puffy pieces and neon ’80s colors are so behind the times. These days, brides are more flexible in terms of pricing, colors, and dress styles in order to keep their bridesmaids happy and helpful!

A few quick tips: Not everyone looks great in bright orange. Consider a two-color palette that pleases everyone and still matches your theme. Be sure to think about the season and time of day. You took the time to pick a particular day or season; chances are your décor will match the time of year. The same rules apply for the dresses. Time of day matters, too; for example, you wouldn’t want your girls in formal evening wear for an afternoon ceremony.

We love the trend of similar dresses in different styles. You’ll still have control of color and fabric selection, while each girl can choose her favorite style that works best for her body type.

In the end, make sure you’re happy with the decisions. Your best girls will be there for you no matter what color you put them in. It’s your day, after all!