Gift Ideas for the Groomsmen

By Rachel Barton

Recent popular wedding blockbusters like Bridesmaids have solidified the important, emotional, and often hilarious bond between a bride and her best friends. This relationship is an integral part of dress buying, wedding planning, and bachelorette celebrations. However, the equally as important relationship between the groom and his groomsmen is less talked about in popular wedding culture, save for drunken portrayals of college buds creating chaos at over-the-top bachelor parties.

Indeed, it would seem that the bridesmaids have a much bigger role in actually creating the wedding, but the importance of the groomsmen should not be reduced to “those guys that made the groom show up hungover to his own ceremony.” This misunderstood group of dudes gives a lot to make the wedding a special and memorable situation: they rent that expensive tux that they’ll probably never wear again, they keep the groom looking sharp and feeling supported, they usher guests into their seats to minimize family drama, and they give some pretty hilarious, touching speeches at the reception.

Basically, groomsmen deserve a big shout out for helping the groom in all the ways that only his best friends can. And that’s why we’re talking about the best way to say “thanks” to your ride-or-die crew: groomsmen gifts. Here are a few suggestions:

A stylish flask.

C’mon, what guy wouldn’t want his own personal flask? These small, discreet accessories come in basically every style imaginable, from vintage leather to engraved wood. You can also order personalized flasks to give your gift a special touch. Nothing says “thank you” like some portable liquid courage, after all.

A personalized leather wallet.

There’s nothing quite as classic as the basic, dependable leather wallet. There’s something about this tried and true accessory that says “Hey! I have my life together.” Indeed, a good wallet is an everyday life-saver and an absolute necessity for every man. And, with a personalized touch, these simple gifts become special mementos in honor of friendship and matrimony.

An engraved pocket knife.

Pocket knives are probably one of the most useful tools on this planet. And yet, they are surprisingly rarely seen outside of summer camps. Do your groomsmen a favor by hooking them up with this cool and convenient gadget. An engraved wooden finish will preserve its functionality while giving it a mature and stylish look.

A retro shaving bag.

Though a simple leather shaving bag is an outrageously practical and affordable purchase, many men have yet to make the leap. Like the leather wallet, the shaving bag communicates sophistication and maturity. Though this is meant as a “thank you” to your groomsmen, they will likely end up thanking you for making their lives that much easier.

A whiskey glass.

A whiskey glass, like a flask, is simply a really cool way to have a good time. Everyone should have one (or more) in their cupboard for when the occasion arises. A customized glass will provide an especially unique gift, and a small set of these is very affordable on craft sites like Etsy. It’s easy, fun, and effortlessly classic.