guest post: Why Brides Need a Wedding Planner

Guest Post by Sherri Box of Events by Sherri

Why hire a wedding planner? Think it’s a luxury… a cost you can do without or you are just sure you will “lose control” and would prefer to do it all yourself?

The money you spend on hiring a wedding coordinator will be the best investment in your wedding day that you can make AND it will end up saving you money and make the entire planning process more fun because the stress over the small details will be removed!  

So consider this. . . . a wedding coordinator actually helps you gain MORE control over your special day because our job is to carry out your wishes down to the last little detail!  We work with you to make sure we understand your  “vision” of your  “perfect day” so we can do everything in our power to make sure that when you see it all come together it’s just as you imagined it would be.  The best feeling in the world is for one of my brides to look at me and tell me “it’s even better than I imagined it” or “it was the best day of my life.”  I have never had a client tell me that they were sorry they hired me but I have had others who chose to do it all themselves tell me that they really wished they had hired a coordinator.

We can also save you money by sharing with you the “tricks of the trade” that only experience can provide and by looking at your budget and steering you to vendors that can stay within your price point.  We will find out what’s most important to you and show you ways to spend more on the things that are of utmost importance to you and provide you tips on how to accomplish those things that are further down on your list for less.

Many wedding coordinators also have small décor items for your use.  This keeps you from having to purchase all the “small stuff,” sometimes in multiples and then decide what to do with all of it after your wedding weekend is over.  The beauty of that, in addition to cost savings, is that we have it in our inventory, you choose it, we deliver it, we set it up and we break it down.  So that leaves even less for you to worry about AND you’ve saved a little more money.

You probably can do it yourself but why not have someone who is committed to making sure your day is just perfect in every way AND someone who can save you from making costly mistakes along the way, someone who is in your corner and working for you every step of the way!  So now you can actually have more control over your special day, remain budget-conscious throughout the process and have fun planning the most important day of your life to date!