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Feel and look your best as you celebrate this important occasion. To prepare for picture-perfect skin, bridebook readers asked nurse practitioner Beth Crotty and master aesthetician Suzi Bryant of Carilion Clinic Cosmetic Center about a variety of aesthetic treatments and skin care options.

Q: Healthy, radiant skin is a must for bridal photos. How far in advance should I begin a new facial treatment before my wedding?

A: Congratulations on your engagement! A consultation with a trained aesthetician will help determine your specific skin-type needs. Recovery time associated with certain treatments and procedures can vary. A customized treatment combination for your skin will provide a more smooth and youthful complexion.

Q: How can I brighten a dull complexion?

A: Dead skin cells tend to build up and leave complexions looking lifeless. Start with a good at-home skin care regimen. Your aesthetician can suggest the best skin-care product line for your skin type. Also try a non-chemical exfoliation treatment, such as microdermabrasion, to polish away the top layer of dead skin cells.

Dermaplaning rids the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz) and is a non-chemical way to exfoliate your skin. Removing this outermost layer of dead cells will leave your skin looking fresher and more vibrant. Dermaplaning also helps your makeup go on flawlessly for your big day.

And remember to use at least an SPF 50 sunscreen on your face to prevent damage to exposed skin.

Q: What type of facial would you recommend for treating dry and oily skin?

A: Using a series of facials helps to tackle combination skin-type issues. At the Cosmetic Center, we offer different facials for relaxation, hydration, brightening treatments with vitamin C, acne correction and deep exfoliation. Each provides a targeted treatment specific to your needs and results in a radiant wedding-day complexion.

Remember to drink plenty of water to maintain beautiful, healthy skin.

Q: What can I expect from a chemical peel treatment?

A: Chemical peels are great for reducing signs of aging, such as fine lines, sun damage, mild scars and age spots. A chemical peel uses a safe solution to smooth the texture of the skin by removing the damaged outer layers. Milder versions are available for sensitive skin types.

Q: Are laser treatments for me?

A: Laser treatments offer wonderful results for reducing hair, diminishing sunspots, reducing pore size, tightening skin and diminishing the appearance of acne scars, surgical scars and stretch marks. At the Cosmetic Center, we safely administer IPL (intense pulsed light), ablative and non-ablative laser treatments. Some laser treatments require multiple sessions and can take time to see optimal results. Consultations are free and help determine which treatment is right for you.


Carilion Clinic Cosmetic Center is located at 2107 Rosalind Avenue in Roanoke, Virginia. Their team of board-certified plastic surgeons, registered nurse practitioner and master aesthetician offer expertise in surgical and non-surgical procedures.

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