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Wedding Wednesday: The Newton Wedding

The Newton Wedding | August 12, 2017 | Photography by: Patrick Perkins Photography

Stephanie Seay and Christopher Newton dated for a while in high school, and even though they broke up, they found themselves reunited about seven years later, when Chris gave Stephanie his number, which she called the day after. They have been together ever since, and they both appreciate how far they've come. "Chris was my first love, and he will be my last," Stephanie says. On Christmas Eve of 2015 at Stephanie's mother's house, Chris decided that the time was right to propose to Stephanie. So, in front of Stephanie's family, he asked her to spend the rest of his life with him.

The couple's special day was filled with dancing and fun with their friends and families. Stephanie says that the ceremony was "absolutely amazing from the moment I started walking down the aisle towards Chris and his amazing smile." The couple wanted to accentuate the natural beauty of their ceremony with their wedding colors, and the views of the surrounding landscape played a huge role in creating an enchanting day. Stephanie, who had always wanted a big bouquet, was not disappointed when her time came to walk down the aisle. The couple set up a table in memory of loved ones who had passed away, and Stephanie's great-uncle walked her down the aisle as her father passed away when she was a teenager. After their full day, the couple packed up their car and immediately embarked on their honeymoon, still donning their wedding clothes, in an experience that Stephanie describes as "breathtaking."

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Photography: Patrick Perkins Photography
Dress: AmRhein's Bridal & Formals
Flowers: Borrowed Blossoms
Venue: Blue Ridge Vineyard
Caterer: Veranda Bistro
Groomsmen's Attire: Suit City
Hair & Makeup: Indulgence Spa
Cake: Sugar Missions
Attendants Dresses: The Newfangled Bride
Jewelry: Zales

Wedding Wednesday: The Hamden Wedding

The Hamden Wedding | August 12, 2017 | Photography by: Ryan & Ahren Photography

When Lindsey Cusimano was in high school, she was on the volleyball team. After one of her games, then-football player Cameron Hamden, in the stands with his team, went to go buy food, and he asked her if she wanted anything. The rest was history.  On a beautiful October day, Lindsey, expecting a double date picnic with Lindsey's best friend and her boyfriend, accompanied Cam to a spot on private property. He brought her to a barn strung with lights and presented her with an early birthday gift: a little journal. When Lindsey opened it, she found that it was Cam's journal that he had been keeping for the past two years, starting on the day that he knew he loved Lindsey and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. As Lindsey read the last words in the journal, Cam led her to the middle of the barn and got down on one knee and proposed.

The couple's favorite memory of their special day was seeing each other at the ceremony: Cam, standing at the end of the aisle, waiting to spend the rest of his life with his bride, and Lindsey, walking down that aisle to the man that she loves most. Even though many of the couple's friends and family were there to help them celebrate, "I felt like it was just me and Cam," Lindsey says. With a venue that allowed the couple to explore their elegant yet rustic theme as well as providing the perfect location to accommodate out-of-town guests, the couple's wedding was brought to life. The night of fun and lively dancing was the perfect end to a celebration that not only honored the love of Cam and Lindsey, but also their appreciation for Blacksburg, the town where they met and cultivated that love.

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Photography: Ryan & Ahren Photography
Dress: J. Crew
Flowers: Carbon + Salt
Venue: The Historic Smithfield Plantation
Caterer: Pumpernickel Pickle Catering
DJ: Blue Ridge Entertainment
Groomsmen's Attire: J.Crew
Hair: Charmaine Edwards
Makeup: Katie Love
Cake: Kroger
Donuts: Carol Lee Donuts
Attendants' Dresses: Weddington Way
Jewelry: Diamonds Direct
Videography: Rhea Jett

Wedding Wednesday: The Brenton Wedding

The Brenton Wedding | August 5, 2017 | Photography By: Lauren Paige Photography

Julia Koff and Andrew Brenton were in ninth grade at Hidden Valley High School when they had their first date, not knowing that, 13 years later on a perfect summer day, they would become husband and wife. The couple drifted apart when they both went off to their respective schools, Julia to George Mason and Andrew to East Tennessee State. When they both ended up back in Roanoke, they rekindled their high school romance. After purchasing a beautiful diamond ring, Andrew enlisted the help of the couple's three dogs to assist him in proposing to Julia: each dog brought a note to her, asking, "Will you marry me?" Julia, wholeheartedly and without any hesitation, said yes. 

The couple's celebration took place with a picturesque view of the mountains behind them, surrounded by gorgeous scenery and lovely weather. The wedding, with the theme of "mountains and romance," was brought to life with a color scheme of mauve, dusty rose, ivory and pops of gold. It was important to Julia and Andrew that their nine-month-old daughter Eva be included in the festivities, so, with a crown of baby's breath perched on her head, Eva was pulled down the aisle in a white wagon as the flower girl. The stunning landscape of the Roanoke Valley paired with the elegant details of the ceremony allowed Julia and Andrew to be united in what was a beautiful ceremony where they could profess their love for each other in the presence of their closest friends and family. 

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Photography: Lauren Paige Photography
Dress: La Bella Bridal Boutique
Flowers: Gloriosa
Venue: Irvine Estate at House Mountain Inn
Caterer: House Mountain Inn
DJ: RSP Entertainment
Groomsmen's Attire: The Black Tux
Hair: Monica Wakefield
Makeup: Sara Koff
Cake: Sweet Treats Bakery
Attendants Dresses: Azazie
Jewelry: Fink's Jewelers
Glassware & Props: MS Events