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Wedding Wednesday: The Pruitt Wedding

The Pruitt Wedding | December 9, 2017 | Photography by: Heather Chipps Photography

Marybeth Jones and Bradley Pruitt met when they were children, after a mutual friend brought Brad to a function at Glade Hill Baptist Church. The two were not close throughout middle and high school, but after college and pharmacy school, the two were reunited at the same church thanks to the same friend. Not long after, Brad asked Marybeth for her number, and the two have been "inseparable" ever since. On the morning before the couple was to attend their friends' wedding, Brad said that he wanted to take Marybeth golfing before the festivities. On lucky hole number seven, Brad teed up the golf ball, and when Marybeth was about to tee off, she saw that the ball read, "Marry me?"

The couple did not expect for it to snow during their early-December wedding, but Mother Nature had a different idea. The snow made their special day all the more memorable. A tree-planting ceremony, locally-obtained decorations and centerpieces along with homemade salsa from the bride's family's garden allowed for the couple to create an occasion that celebrated not just their love, but the love that they share with those close to them. Marybeth and Brad's celebration was unique because of the sentiment behind nearly every detail of the wedding. The couple was married at the church where they met, and they chose Water's Edge Country Club as the venue for the reception because Marybeth had worked there throughout school. "It's just so comforting to be in a familiar place on your wedding day!" Marybeth says. Add in the bride's pearls from her maternal grandmother, a veil borrowed from her sister, a sixpence from Marybeth's aunt for her shoe and, of course, the unexpected snow, and the couple's day turned out to be memorable, meaningful and full of love from beginning to end.

Make sure to see more of the Pruitt wedding on page 72 of bridebook!

Photography: Heather Chipps Photography
Dress: Becky's Bridal
Florist: Serena Jones
Cake: Billie's Cakes and Catering
Ceremony: Glade Hill Baptist Church
Venue: Water's Edge Country Club
Caterer: Water's Edge Country Club
Planner: Cheryl Cockram
Jewelry: Haywood's Jewelers
DJ: Ken Kilinski
Attendants' Dresses: Becky's Bridal
Groomsmen's Attire: Jos A. Bank
Hair: Crown Studio - Jordan Smith
Officiant: Derek Layman
Videography: Franklin County High School Television Program Production
Programs: Creative Xpressions
Wreaths: Willow Tree Nursery

Wedding Wednesday: The Guelzo Wedding

The Guelzo Wedding | November 8, 2014 | Photography by Stone Blue Productions

Jonah and Hannah first met each other on a blind date set up by their mutual friend. From then on, it was a love story for the books. Jonah proposed to Hannah through an elaborate scavenger hunt that took her to various memorable locations throughout their relationship. Jonah was smart, though, and planned it on her birthday so the proposal was still a surprise since Hannah thought all of this was just for her birthday.

The day went on with different activities and gifts from digging up treasure in the rain to lighting off fireworks. Jonah even led her to the coffee shop where they had their original blind date. The very last clue of the scavenger hunt took Hannah to a drive-in movie theater, which was just as romantic as it sounds. Once there, Jonah projected a film on the screen only to have Hannah realize that he had created it himself as a remake of her favorite movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. In this remake, Jonah put their faces onto the characters and made the plot to tell the love story between the two of them. Once it was finished, he got down on one knee and asked Hannah to marry him. After she enthusiastically agreed, Jonah led her to a different venue where he had planned an engagement party and sang to Hannah “Moon River,” which is a popular song from the movie. They then ended the night by dancing together and thinking about the wonderful future ahead of them.

Sticking with the theme of their engagement, the couple planned their wedding to have an old Hollywood style to it with accents of the roaring 20’s. The colors they used were gold, black, and silver with a bit of Tiffany Blue to add in traces of their perfect engagement. For their favors, Jonah and Hannah put together all of their favorite treats which also included some southern sweets from Hannah’s hometown in Georgia. To their guests they served Salmon, Roasted Chicken, Pippin John Seasoned Pork, and Eggplant Rollatini. The day was beautiful and picturesque, just like the movies!

Be sure to see the Guelzo wedding on page 36 of the fourth issue of bridebook!

Photography: Stone Blue Productions
Dress: Church Street Bridal
Florist: R.S. Exclusive
Cake: Billie's Cakes
Venue: Tresca on 8th
Caterer: R.S. Exclusive
Planner: R.S. Exclusive
Entertainment: Matt Steeper
Attendants' Dresses: Unique Vintage
Groomsmen's Attire: Jos. A. Bank

Be sure to see the Guelzo wedding on page 36 of Bridebook!