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Wedding Wednesday: The Dawley Wedding

The Dawley Wedding | September 24, 2016 | Photography by: Kemper Mills Fant Photography

Lauren Ammar and Troy Dawley met at Carilion Clinic where they had an instant connection. Despite having a bit of a long distance relationship (Troy in Texas and Lauren in Virginia), the couple brought a new light into each others lives. Troy proposed on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Italy. Early one morning on a dock in Venice, Troy hired a photographer to capture the moment and asked the question just as a boat full of people floated by and cheered for the happy couple. They spent the rest of the trip celebrating.

Troy says that his favorite part of the wedding was during the ceremony when he was watching Lauren walk down the aisle because he "couldn't wait to be her husband.". The rich wine and gold mixed with floral patterns made the wedding a perfect transition from summer into fall. Mixed china and "his and hers" cocktails added charm during the reception. Guests were delighted by the choreographed father-daughter dance as well as the first husband-wife dance, adding a special uniqueness to the whole day.

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Photography: Kemper Mills Fant Photography
Dress: Casablanca
Cake: Casey's Cakes
Florist: Creative Occasions
Venue: Sundara
Caterer: Blue Ridge Catering
Planner: Events by Sherri
Band: Six Styles
Hair: Oliver's Twist - Monica Wakefield
Attendant's Dresses: Alfred Angelo
Groomsmen's Attire: Men's Warehouse
Makeup: LASH, etc. - Jessica Hall
Videographer: Pine River Films

Wedding Wednesday: The Nichols Wedding

The Nichols Wedding | October 31, 2015 | Photography by: Alison Creasy Photography

While home for the weekend from college, Shannon went out to a bar with her mom. After making a comment about the cute bartender, her mom dared her to get the man’s number. She gave him a pickup line while ordering drinks, and then she spent the night trying to exchange phone numbers. They finally did, and then came the waiting game before finally texting each other. They made plans to meet up the following weekend.

A few days before proposing, Drew asked Shannon to keep her Saturday open. They spent the whole day together, and then had dinner in the same restaurant as their first date. Shannon was starting to have her suspicions by then, especially when after dinner they went to the Roanoke Star, which had been their second date. Drew waited a little bit for people to leave, and then when it was just the two of them he finally proposed.

Just two short months before the wedding, Shannon’s best friend Kelly was paralyzed and in a coma. When it became clear she wouldn’t recover fast enough to be in the wedding, Shannon thought up other ways for her to be part of the bridal party. Thanks to modern technology, they were able to Facetime Kelly so she could walk down the aisle and stand next to Shannon, and she was introduced at the reception.

They had a Halloween wedding, combining Drew’s favorite holiday with Shannon’s love of fall. It also allowed them to use purple and black for their colors, Shannon’s favorite colors. They used pumpkins, inflatable coffin coolers for drinks, bales of hay, sunflowers, black table cloths, and purple and orange lights to decorate. Their party favors were Scum Soaps with names like Graveyard Ghost, absinthe, and Cauldron. The aisle was lined with mums, and she walked to The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony. Their reception served BBQ, mac’n’cheese, baked beans, and cole slaw, and they played alternative rock music.

It was the little touches of Halloween mixed with fall elements that really made the wedding feel unique. The purple and black cake sat on a spider-web stand, but there were also pumpkins and bales of hay to balance out the holiday theme.

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Photography by: Alison Creasy Photography
Dress: Allure from Proms, Pageants, and Pretty Things
Florist: The Flower Shoppe on Main
Cake: Casey's Cakes
Venue: Santillane
Caterer: Wildwood Smokehouse
Planner: Fortunate Events
DJ: RSP Entertainment
Attendant Dresses: Proms, Pageants, and Pretty Things
Groomsmen Attire: Proms, Pageants, and Pretty Things
Rentals: Aztec Rental
Makeup: Make Up by Ravishing


Wedding Wednesday: The Dingus Wedding

The Dingus Wedding | June 20, 2015 | Photography by Noah Magnifico- Photographer

Sarah and Robert met one summer while filming skits for the Vacation Bible School they both worked for. They had both attended the church for five years but somehow had never met each other until then! It was a really Hollywood meeting with them filming a Gilligan’s Island scene and having Robert as the millionaire and Sarah as Mary-Ann. It was smoothing sailing from that moment on and the two quickly fell in love.

Knowing exactly which foods Sarah loved, Robert had a special menu created for her one evening at Hotel Roanoke. After they enjoyed their food, a waiter came with their champagne and dessert. At first, Sarah was upset because she hadn’t ordered this food and didn’t want to be charged for it. Robert quickly settled her down, though, by reaching in his jacket and pulling out a ring. Needless to say, Sarah forgot about the champagne and accepted his proposal with joy.

The wedding was simple and decorated with rustic elements. Sarah made the centerpieces herself and decorated with the colors of wisteria purple, charcoal grey, and spring green. To complement these, Sarah also added hints of sunflower yellow throughout the ceremony. As a special treat, the ceremony was performed by the pastor, Tim Craft, who introduced them from their church. Tim actually went above and beyond his call of duty by finding pictures from that fateful bible school skit and putting them up on screens for all the guests to see. The couple was married in the church where they first met and decided to take soil from each of their houses and pour it into a small tree that they plan to plant when they buy their first house.

After the wedding when everyone had left the church and the two were alone in the car for the first time, they realized that it had finally happened and they could officially be considered one. This moment was enhanced by the feeling of their love being blessed by God. Then, when the two arrived to their reception, they were able to go straight to the top of the stairs and walk down in front of all of their loved ones. The couple felt like rockstars and loved seeing all of their guests smiling up at them.

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Photography by Noah Magnifico- Photographer
Florist: Kroger
Cake: Casey's Cakes
Ceremony: Bonsack United Methodist Church
Venue: Taubman Museum of Art
Caterer: Blue Ridge Catering
Planner: Events by Sherri
DJ: Blue Ridge Entertainment
Attendant Dresses: David's Bridal
Groomsmen Attire: Men's Wearhouse
Videographer: Michael's Video
Hair: Gayle Mahew