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Wedding Wednesday: The McAfee Wedding

The McAfee Wedding | November 5, 2016 | Photography by: Sweeney & Sons Photography

Kristen Chapman met Tim McAfee after her brothers encouraged her to go out with their old co-worker from the golf industry. The couple's first month together was all about early morning runs, attending church and going out to dinner. It comes as no surprise then that Tim decided to propose on a trip to Virginia Beach for a half-marathon. Traffic set it back a couple hours -Tim wanted to propose as the sun set on the beach- but he was still able to ask at the hotel before they went out to dinner. The couple spent the whole weekend celebrating.

Kristen and Tim say that their favorite part of the wedding was the washing of the feet ceremony that they performed with their son, Andrew. It is a symbol of their service to each other as a family and represents their love and support of one another. Two of the most unique features of the wedding were the sunny November day that felt more like springtime and the inclusion of Kristen's father, who blessed the wedding by reading a poem and saying a prayer for the future of the couple.

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Photography: Sweeney & Sons Photography
Dress: Church Street Bridal
Cake: Betty Groves
Florist: Jobe's Florist
Venue: Roanoke Country Club
Caterer: Roanoke Country Club
Planner: Misty McGarry
Jewelry: Mikado Diamonds
DJ: King's Entertainment
Attendants' Dresses: David's Bridal
Groomsmen's Attire: Joseph A Banks

Wedding Wednesday: The Kirby Wedding

The Kirby Wedding | December 23, 2015 | Photography by: Tara Lilly Photography & Design

Aaron and Tyler originally met at Fork & Cork, but they didn’t date until a friend set them up a year later. These same friends were the first ones the two told after Tyler proposed. His proposal was small and intimate, set up on a Monday evening before his birthday. They were at a lodge, sharing wine and cheese on the balcony, when he asked Aaron to marry him for his birthday.

Aaron’s favorite memory from the big day was on the dance floor. The DJ had been playing a number of fast songs, but Tyler asked him to play a slow song—Their slow song, to be exact. When the song came on, both of them were surprised to find many of their friends joining them on the dance floor and singing along.

Music was a big aspect of this wedding. Most of the songs were compiled by the guests; their invitations had included “I will dance if I hear _____” as part of the RSVP, and the responses gave the reception a wide variety of music. They started the night with “What You Do to Me” by The Embers, a song that included the two of them taking Shag lessons weeks before the wedding.

Aaron and Tyler were the first to request an outdoor wedding at their venue, which gave them some interesting logistical challenges to overcome. Restrooms, lighting, and food prep all needed to be figured out, and then on top of everything else it rained on their big day. A tent was added at the last minute with heaters to keep guests warm.

The rainy day just made the orange pops of color even brighter though. The color came from a golf glove the groom found, and the groomsmen even used the gloves as pocket squares. From there they added tropical socks and orange bouquets for the girls.

What truly made the day special for them was the inclusion of their families. This was a second wedding for both of them, and they wanted to focus on the fact that they were merging their families. Aaron’s sons walked her down the aisle and gave her away, and Tyler addressed them personally during the ceremony, and they all exited together.

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Photography by: Tara Lilly Photography & Design
Dress: Church Street Bridal
Venue: Old Monterey Golf Course
Caterer: Tracy Hamilton Catering
Planner: Mark Taylor
Jewelry: Sandra Eileen Designs
DJ: Master Taylor Entertainment
Attendant Dresses: David's Bridal
Groomsmen Attire: Jim's Formal Wear
Makeup: LASH
Hair: Les Cheveux Salon & Day Spa
Officiate: John Coleman, CrossPointe
Rehearsal Venue: Sheraton Roanoke
Monogramming: John and Susan Kirby


Wedding Wednesday: The Maynor Wedding

The Maynor Wedding | December 23, 2014 | Photography by: Marie Deel Photography

Mary and Matthew crossed paths in high school, but they didn’t really meet until working together at a restaurant years later.

Matthew timed his proposal for the night before he left for the U.S. Air Force. Both of them dressed up and went out for dinner in Roanoke, but when they got back Mary noticed the lights on in their apartment. All the way up the stairs were printed lyrics of their song, and rose petals and candles waited for them at the door. Inside were more petals and candles, and a sign in the window read, “As long as I have you, I will always be home. Will you marry me?” Matthew then got out his guitar and played their song. Later, he admitted he’d wanted to do more but was out of time, but for Mary the proposal was perfect as it was.

They wrote their own vows for each other for their wedding, and Mary says that was her favorite moment of the day. “The world stood still and we poured our hearts and souls out to each other for each other and our loved ones to hear.”

Since their wedding was on the twenty-third of December, they wanted their color scheme to mix with a Christmas theme as well as Matthew’s dress uniform. They decided on navy blue, gold, and silver.

There were a few things that really made their wedding unique. For one, they were married on a Tuesday, and for another they served breakfast for dinner. They also had cheesecake instead of a traditional wedding cake. In lieu of place cards, they wrote everyone’s name and number down on Ferrero Rocier chocolate. Mary’s bouquet was comprised of white feathers and pine cones and silver and clear beading.

The toast was given by her older sister, and it was quite the spectacle. Her sister remade “Ice, Ice Baby” and had the whole bridal party in on it. And for their send off at the end of the night, they had people throw blue paper airplanes instead of rice.

Make sure to see more of the Maynor Wedding on page 114 of bridebook!

Photography by: Marie Deel Photography
Dress: AmRhein's Brides and Formals
Florist: Heather Byrd
Venue: Sheraton Roanoke
Caterer: Sheraton Roanoke
Planner: Autumn Bledsoe
DJ: DJ Kidd
Attendant Dresses: Church Street Bridal
Groomsmen Attire: Men's Wearhouse
Makeup: Pure Spa