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Wedding Wednesday: The Boothe Wedding

The Boothe Wedding | June 25, 2016 | Photography by: Ashley Lester Photography

Madison and Tyler attended the same high school, though they didn't become close friends until they were both working at the Salem Red Sox. After a couple years of friendship, the two became a couple. The day of Tyler's proposal, he picked Madison up for dinner and insisted on stopping by the Salem Red Sox to pick up their season tickets. Upon arriving, a friend told them all season ticket holders had pictures taken on the home plate for the program. They walked out onto the field while Tyler brought up how "this is where it all started" for them, when their song began to play, along with pictures displayed across the scoreboard. When Madison turned to question Tyler, she found him on one knee, with the screen reading "Will You Marry Me?" Madison of course said yes, thrilled at both the surprise and the pictures that later appeared from a friend who'd hidden to take photos during the proposal.

Their wedding was a combination of rustic and elegance, capturing their personalities. Madison says thanks to their vendors, their wedding was absolutely perfect. With numerous memories to choose from, Madison says opening her wedding gift from Tyler will always be high on the list. Tyler gave her a new bible with her new monogram, along with a bookmarked page for 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 ("Love is patient..."). Reading that verse before walking down the aisle was emotional and happy, and she loves opening her bible to that special verse months and years later. Summer salad, dips, and other delicious items were a treat for guests, while her bridesmaids wore a gorgeous shade of aquamarine. Bouquets and centerpieces had soft pink tones that added to the day's romance, while a glowstick exit created fun for everyone celebrating with Madison and Tyler.

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Photography: Ashley Lester Photography
Dress: Tiffany's Bridal
Florist: Creative Occasions
Cake: Joanna Frye
Ceremony: Thrasher United Methodist
Venue: Braeloch
Caterer: Pumpernickel Pickle Catering
Planner: Simplicity
Jewelry: Fink's Jewelers
DJ: Master Taylor Entertainment
Attendant Dresses: Alfred Angelo
Groomsmen Attire: Men's Wearhouse
Videographer: Michael's Video
Rentals: Aztec Rental
Rehearsal Space: Vinton War Memorial
Transportation: Mountain Valley Transportation; Executive Town Car & Limo
Ceremony Guitarist: Mark Folks

Wedding Wednesday: The Handy Wedding

The Handy Wedding | October 10, 2015 | Photography by: Lori Hedrick Photography

Natalie and Jason actually crossed paths several times on the volleyball court before introducing themselves at a pizza place. They got to chatting and Jason offered Natalie a slice, but she turned him down. Later, she and her friend did decide they wanted a pie so they walked out with one. They ran into Jason again not too long after, and he made a joke about the pizza they now had. Natalie threw the slice in her hand at him, and naturally true love bloomed from there.

To propose, Jason got the staff at Frankie Rowlands involved. They set up a word scramble challenge and asked the couple to participate. The first two that Natalie solved were her favorite food and drink at the restaurant, and she was more than ready for her third challenge. It was only three words, “Let’s get married.” Upon solving it, she looked up at Jason and said, “That’s not food.” Once she saw the ring and realized what was happening, she started laughing and accepted.

They both agree their favorite memory from their wedding day were their minor issues in cutting the cake. Someone had forgotten the serving knife, so they had to cut it with a small paring knife. Then, when trying to cut the cake, Jason couldn’t get the knife to go through. He even asked if the cake was frozen. After some thought they realized, no, it wasn’t frozen, they were trying to cut through the board separating the layers!

The wedding didn’t have a theme so much as Natalie just really, really liked candles and cylinders. They used them everywhere in the event space, lining the stairs and the aisle as well as putting them on the tables. For some extra color, they added flowers around the cylinders too. The effect of all the candlelight was a soft, romantic light, and it made their wedding feel even more magical.

Natalie and Jason wanted their menu to reflect them. Jason loved to grill, so they served chicken and flank steak grilled on the spot by Pumpernickle Pickle. For desserts, they had ten different kinds! The guests loved it, if the lack of leftovers was anything to go by.

Another important aspect of their wedding was their venue. They chose to get married on the Rooftop at Center in the Square in Roanoke, which gave them the freedom to do something special with the ceremony. Instead of having their guests sit in rows, they set the chairs up in a circle around them. It let the guests feel more included in the ceremony, and it provided an opportunity for some great candid shots!

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Photography by: Lori Hedrick Photography
Dress: Monique Lhuillier Couture from Nitsa's Apparel
Florist: Creative Occasions
Cake: Kelli's Cakes
Venue: Center in the Square
Caterer: Pumpernickel Pickle Catering
Planner: Simplicity Jewelry: Tacori and Fink's
DJ: Quest Entertainment
Lighting: Lighting Ninjas
Makeup: LASH
Hair: Prim Hair Salon
Rentals: Aztec Rental
Linens: BBJ Linens
Officiate: Mike Lauridsen of Parkway Wesleyan Church

Wedding Wednesday: The Boise Wedding

The Boise Wedding | July 19, 2015 | Photography by: Wolfe Photography

Excited for a great G.N.O., Christian didn’t expect to meet her future husband that summer night. The couple met at Community Inn where Christian saw Jimmy, smiled, and sat down to chat. The two hit it off immediately and the rest, as they say, is history. It wasn’t until around a year later when Jimmy decided to propose, though. They had gotten all dressed-up for their anniversary dinner at Billy’s when Jimmy asked Christian to sit down on her living room couch. After disappearing for a few moments, Jimmy returned with a little box in his hand. He got down on one knee and explained all the reasons he wanted to spend his life with the amazing woman before him. Despite shaking with nerves and holding back tears, Jimmy was able to ask the big question. Christian wholeheartedly accepted and loved the simplicity of how Jimmy proposed to her.

The wedding was decorated with a simple country chic in mind. The accessories were simple and some were even handmade by members of the couple’s families, which helped to make the wedding preparation that much more special. The ceremony was held in the ballroom of the Roanoke Country Club where there were decorations in light pink, white, and sage. Roses were incorporated all around in those colors and specifically placed along the mantles of the fireplace where there were candles to accent the flowers. The centerpieces were made with plain clear glass vases that were attached to burlap and lace.

The wedding party for that day was almost entirely made up of the children Jimmy and Christian had from prior relationships. The couple found it important to include their children in as much of the day as possible and placed them right up front during the ceremony as a way to cement the blending of their families. Since the wedding was small and intimate, having the people they loved the most closest to them really made the ceremony much more special to the couple.

Christian remembers the moment she walked down the aisle and laid eyes on her groom. Jimmy was visibly choked up at the sight of her and that made her feel like the most beautiful girl in the room. It was Christian’s hope that Jimmy would be brought to tears by his emotions, but she was surprised when tears rolled down her cheeks as well. This raw and real emotion was one of the reasons why she loved Jimmy and it made her feel incredible to see it in his face as she walked toward him and into their future together.

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Photography by: Wolfe Photography
Dress: The Newfangled Bride
Florist: TFS Roanoke, Inc.
Cake: Mary Wolfe
Venue: Roanoke Country Club
Caterer: Roanoke Country Club
Planner: Erma Hedrick
Jewelry: Fink's and AmRhein's Fine Jewelry
DJ: DJ Shock
Attendants Dresses: The Newfangled Bride
Officiant: Thomas McCraken
Seamstress: Sew Right, LLC