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Wedding Wednesday: The Hovington Wedding

The Hovington Wedding | June 20, 2015 | Photography by Trusted Exposures Photography

Rebekah and Dwayne first met at work, but not right away. The couple had actually worked together in the same building for the same company for quite a while before their paths crossed. Rebekah remembers occasionally saying hello to Dwayne and his coworkers every now and then, but for a long time that was the extent of their relationship. It wasn’t until their company moved building locations and the two were in the same carpool that they started to really get to know each other. They spent hours in the car together laughing and sharing stories until they finally started dating.

Rebekah tried very hard to guess when Dwyane was going to propose to her. At first, she thought he would be asking her in the early Fall but by the time her birthday came around in December, it seemed like he had stumped her. Even on Christmas Day, she expected to see a proposal and waited excitedly the whole day, only to have guessed wrong again. New Year’s Eve rolled around quickly after that and Rebekah thought for sure he would ask on that night since he had mentioned proposing by the end of the year earlier. Even still, though, Dwayne waited. It wasn’t until midway through January on an unexpected day that Dwayne finally popped the big question.

The couple went to church that day, accompanied by Rebekah’s daughter, and then decided to go out to eat afterwards. As they were leaving the restaurant after lunch, Rebekah noticed the hostess standing by the exit and taking a video, which she thought was a bit odd. Then, Dwayne led the two to the fireplace where he put their coats on an empty chair. Saying to Rebekah, “This is the moment,” he got down on one knee and entirely surprised her. Dwayne was handed a silver rose, which confused Rebekah at first, but then the petals opened to reveal a beautiful engagement ring.

The couple strived to make their wedding day as fun as possible, because that was how they lived their lives together. The tone for the wedding was set from the very start when Dwayne danced down the aisle to an old school R&B tune, taking selfies the whole way down. Then, the wedding party followed in suit as they danced their way down the aisle as well. Not one to be shown up, Rebekah planned a grand entrance for herself, complete with a sultry reggae song that she sang to Dwayne as she walked.

This day was uniquely special to the two because they truly believe that a wedding is a blend of families. To honor this, there was no separation in the bride or groom side for the guests. Everyone joined together to represent this combining of family, and all of the guests loved the conversations which later bloomed into friendships.

Rebekah remembers specifically the moment when the doors opened and she was able to see all of her friends and family seated in a beautifully decorated room and smiling at her. There were many emotions on that day, but this moment brought forth ones of excitement and joy because there was so much love in the room. Weddings are meant to be filled with family and friends and the Hovington wedding truly was because the couple was able to connect together and with their loved ones at the same time.

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Photography by Trusted Exposures Photography
Dress: Group USA
Florist: Westwood Heaven Scent Florist
Cake: Beltway Bakery
Venue: Fredericksburg Country Club
Caterer: Fredericksburg Country Club
Jewelry: Jared's
DJ: Imani Entertainment
Attendant Dresses: Group USA
Groomsmen Attire: Men's Wearhouse
Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas
Transportation: Luxury Limo, Fredericksburg
Coasters: Shutterfly
Photobooth: Flash Foto Fun
Programs: Billingsley Printing