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Wedding Wednesday: The Benson Wedding

The Benson Wedding | May 9, 2015 | Photography by Megan Vaughan Photography

Tyler had the luck of the Irish with him when Genevieve pinched his butt at a bar on St. Patrick’s day! Later on in the relationship, Tyler realized he had met the woman he wanted to spend his life with and proposed to her in a pick-up truck on the lake where they had had their first date. His luck continued and Genevieve excitedly accepted his proposal.

Each had different favorite memories from their wedding day. Tyler’s was the moment her got to see his stunning bride walk down the aisle toward him. Seeing her will be something he never will forget because he was so moved be watching the love of his life beam at him from down the aisle. Genevive, however, loved when she and Tyler were able to stand on the top of the stairs after the wedding. This gave them an amazing look of all their friends and family who had gathered to celebrate their love, as well as a wonderful view of the mountains. Being able to take this all in with her new husband is something that Genevieve will always cherish.

Genevieve also recalls from that day getting more and more excited as she heard the clamber of feet get quieter as the bridal procession moved down the aisle. Soon, she knew it would be her turn to walk to her future husband and she couldn’t wait. Genevieve admits to being nervous, though, as she waited in the guest room. The reality of the moment set in as she and her dad sat on a hand-stitched quilt and Genevieve looked down at the ruffles on her dress. Too afraid of crying, she kept quiet about her nerves.

But then, as Genevieve looked at her father, the two shared a moment of realization: he was about to give away his little girl, and she was about to become a wife. The two held hands for a moment and gave each other a cheery smile because they knew it was time. As they got into position, the absolute beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains struck Genevieve and she waited a moment so she could take in the absolute magnificence of Sierra Vista. Then, she looked over at all of her loved one, from her sisters in their dresses and the men in their handsome suits, until she laid eyes on Tyler. He was grinning from ear to ear and couldn’t stop the tearing that streamed down his face in joy. Genevieve saw her dad’s eyes fixed on the horizon and the two started their walk. The procession was accompanied by a ukulele version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” which was a beautiful accompaniment to the backdrop of the mountains. Despite shaking the whole way, she made it to Tyler with a little bit of luck and love.

Though their vows were traditional, the couple made sure to honor the beautiful nature that surrounded them on this special day. The two thanked God for the gift of love and vowed to be dedicated to each other unendingly. As they took their vows, they squeezed each other’s hands tightly and Genevieve could feel Tyler studying her face and trying to memorize each second of that moment between them. Genevieve admits to being so nervous that she messed up her lines slightly, but it helped to comfort her butterflies because the crowd laughed and put her at ease. Eventually, they were saying “I Do” to each other and recessing from the ceremony as guests threw flower petals over them. To symbolize their marriage, Genevieve and Tyler ran down and ran the old bell at the end of the aisle.

Though the ceremony was over faster than they expected, the two can still remember every detail of their wedding day. From the father/daughter dance, to their first dance where the two whispered in each other’s ear, the day was sheer perfection.

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Photography by Megan Vaughan Photography
Dress: Patina Bridal & Formal
Florist: The Arrangement Company
Cake: Mean Cakes
Venue: Sierra Vista
Caterer: The Palisades Restaurant
Planner: A Little Party Events
Jewelry: Steven Singer Jeweler
DJ: Official Entertainment
Attendants' Dresses: David's Bridal
Groomsmen Attire: Men's Wearhouse
Videographer: Mitch Vaughan Productions
Makeup: Ashley Ancheta
Hair: Jessica Comisky


Wedding Wednesday: The Mills Wedding

Jonathan & Krystal Mills | August 16, 2014 | Photography by Sherry Conrad Photography and Power by Wilson Photography & Planning

Krystal met Jonathan by chance one day when she chose to stay at the beach in Florida where she lived instead of leaving like she'd planned. Jonathan was just visiting, so a month later he returned to Virginia. After keeping in contact for several months, Krystal decided he was worth the move up north. A little over a year later, Jonathan sat Krystal down and played out a sermon that was close to his heart by washing her feet as Jesus had done to his house servant to show a sign of respect. Afterwards Jonathan presented Krystal with a custom made ring. The couple's wedding can be described as beautiful, emotional, sweet, and special. Krystal made sure to include many personal and meaningful elements on her big day. She read vows to Jonathan's children, and the oldest son Mason presented her with a wedding band from the children to go with her ring from Jonathan. This symbolized the family becoming one. Jonathan's mother made a quilt to be used as a guest book, and a blue truck from Jonathan's father was incorporated as a flower arrangement on the cake table. One of the most special elements was the piece of her father's shirt that Krystal had sewn into her dress above her heart so she would have him with her in spirit as she walked down the aisle. She also wore her grandmother's earrings from her wedding day, used a handkerchief of her great grandmother's, and tucked her father's red bandana inside her boot. It was also important to Krystal that décor for the wedding be practical. They used a lot of personal mementos collected from antique stores. A friend also made a lemonade stand for the reception that now stands in the couple's backyard.

Be sure to see the Mills wedding on page 78 of the third issue of bridebook!

Photography: Sherry Conrad Photography and Power by Wilson Photography & Planning
Dress: Christina Wu from Patina Bridal & Formals
Florist: Cheryl's Secret Garden
Cake: The Gypsy Baker
Venue: Diamond V Farm
Caterer: Friends Catering
Planner: Power by Wilson Photography & Planning- Julie Wilson
Jewelry: Fink's
DJ: B Psi Entertainment
Attendants' Dresses: Flirt Alert from XOXO Fashions
Groomsmen's Attire: Men's Wearhouse
Hair: Julianne Terry
Makeup: Melissa Vaughan