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Wedding Wednesday: The West Wedding

The West Wedding | June 14, 2015 | Photography by Amber Perdue Photography

Despite meeting in a hair salon months before, Cody and Chelsea didn’t start dating until they got to know each other through church. Cody knew instantly that he was attracted to Chelsea, though, and tried to chat with her that day at the salon. Chelsea wasn’t having it, however, because she had been listening to his conversation with his hair dresser and heard him talk about his three children and that he wasn’t married. She thought he sounded arrogant, though, and completely blew him off when he tried to talk to her. After completely shutting down his attempts to flirt, it seemed that someone was watching over them when the couple met again at Elevation Church a few weeks later. Cody was on the parking team and made sure Chelsea got a good spot. They were only cordial for the time being, mostly because Cody thought Chelsea was a bit of a snob. Months later, as fate would have it, the two found themselves put on the same greeting team. Being the only two outside, they were forced to interact with each other. Chelsea decided to start the conversation, which must have made Cody feel more comfortable, because when it was time to leave, the two had exchanged numbers. The rest, as they say, was history.

Cody had a different idea for proposing the Chelsea that involved sunsets and coffee, but unfortunately, the plan changed. Instead, when the two went out to dinner for Chelsea’s birthday, they started talking about marriage and what it would be like. Cody got so excited that he texted his dad under the table to go ahead and have the engagement ring ready for when they got home. Then, as the two sat down on his parents’ porch, Cody got down and proposed to her right there. Chelsea loved seeing how excited he was and accepted enthusiastically.

The wedding day was just like a storybook fairytale, complete with horse and carriage. The couple used coffee beans as favors in little starbucks bags because they wanted something that their guests could take home with them, not just throw away. The best part of the wedding, though, was the dancing. The couple remembers dancing the night away with their guests and laughing as Cody’s kids danced with them.

It was important for the couple that the wedding was not just about them, but about family as a whole. Chelsea originally planned to give a speech Cody’s sons in front of everyone, but she knew that this would be such an intimate moment and decided to read them the note separately. It was a big moment for her because she knew she was about to become a mother-figure to three amazing young men.

The horse and carriage were especially special to Chelsea, though, because they were such a surprise. As she was waiting with her dad to walk down the aisle, Chelsea could feel her nerves kicking in. But then, she started to hear the clomping of hooves and she was so excited to ride the carriage with her dad to the door of the barn where she would be married. Cody was also surprised to see her ride in in a carriage and that was when his tears began as he watched the love of his life walk toward him.

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Photography by Amber Perdue Photography
Dress: Patina Bridal and Formals
Florist: Elle Emme Floral Atelier
Cake: Confection Connection
Venue: The Kyle House
Caterer: Schaal's Catering & Events
Planner: Allure Weddings & Events
Jewelry: Heneby's Jewelers & Kay Jewelers
DJ: RSP Entertainment
Attendants Dresses:
Groomsmans Attire: AmRhein's Brides and Formals
Hair & Makeup: Sol's Hair Studio, Marisol Bentancourt