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Wedding Wednesday: The Solomon Wedding

The Solomon Wedding | September 2, 2017 | Photography by: Chris Jackson Photography

Adrian Solomon was hosting a cooking class at his apartment when he met Sydney Myers. The two hit it off and exchanged phone numbers at the end of the night, not knowing that their shared interest in food would be the beginning of the rest of their lives together. While on a trip to France and Italy a matter of months later, the couple was driving up a mountain and stopped to walk down a path that had a stunning view of the sea. On the opposite side of the road, Adrian had set up a camera to hopefully capture his proposal. When Sydney turned from admiring the view, she found Adrian down on one knee with a ring, asking her to be his wife. Adrian's camera ended up running out of memory, but the moment turned out to be so memorable, the couple didn't even need it.

The couple's chose the Taubman Museum to be the venue of their unique travel-themed wedding, which celebrated the diverse culture of the families involved. To represent the couple's favorite genres of food, the cuisine was served at food stations: a pasta bar, a taco bar and a steakhouse station, preceded by "lumpia," a well-known food in Filipino culture as an appetizer. During the wedding, Adrian surprised Sydney and their guests with a live performance of "Wagon Wheel," and the couple enjoyed dancing with their close friends and family throughout the evening.

Make sure to see more of the Solomon wedding on page 44 of bridebook!

Photography: Chris Jackson Photography
Dress: Kitty Chen
Flowers: Creative Occasions
Venue: The Taubman Museum of Art
Caterer: Blue Ridge Catering
DJ: DV Entertainment
Groomsmen's Attire: Kenneth Cole
Hair: Laurel Hill
Nails: Polished by Claire V.
Invitations and Programs: Appalachian Press
Attendants Dresses: Azazie
Jewelry: Jewells Fine Jewelry
Planner: Cheryl Myers

Wedding Wednesday: The Cupp-Thompson Wedding

The Cupp-Thompson Wedding | May 1, 2015 | Photography by Tara Lilly Photography & Design

Leave it to a little bit of Facebook and Fate to match up an amazing couple!

In early October, Dustin was on a run with his friend, Lindsey. It was right when they were running on the Roanoke River Greenway that Eric had just gotten out of his car at the Ramada Inn. While it was not uncommon for Eric to meet his friend at the Ramada for walks on the Greenway, it seems like destiny came into play that day because Dustin and Lindsey had only just started to go running! Dustin mentioned to her that he thought Eric was attractive, but the two were too far away to say anything to him.

It wasn’t until the next day that Eric and his friend met for lunch in downtown Roanoke at the Thai Continental Cuisine. By coincidence, Dustin and Lindsey happened to be walking past the Thai Continental Cuisine on their lunch break. As Dustin looked into the window, he was pleasantly surprised to see the exact same guy from the Greenway the day before. There still wasn’t the opportunity to talk to him though, so Dustin reluctantly went on his way.

However, that night when Dustin logged into Facebook, opportunity knocked once more by having Eric’s name pop up in Dustin’s suggested friends list. Of course, he had to add him after all these coincidences! When Eric checked his Facebook later that evening and saw the friend request from Dustin, he immediately accepted. It took three weeks of watching each other’s profiles, and online subtle flirting through liking photos and statuses, until Dustin finally directly messaged Eric. They hit it off right from the start and spent the whole day messaging back and forth. Eventually, they decided to meet up for dinner and Eric picked up Dustin at his house, then the two went to eat at Nawab.

Dustin had been excitedly planning to propose to Eric for months. The process was difficult, though, because Dustin wanted it to have every aspect hold meaning to both of them. The numbers of their anniversary were particularly special to the couple, which is why Dustin decided to propose on 1/15, because their first date had been on 11/5. It was perfect that this date fell on a Wednesday because the first time that Dustin laid eyes on Eric was a Wednesday as well. Sticking to meaning, Dustin decided to propose on the Roanoke River Greenway, which was where he first saw Eric.

Dustin had a dilemma in front of him, though; how would he get Eric to the Greenway at the exact time without it seeming suspicious? He decided to convince Eric to go for a run on the Greenway after work that day. Eric, not knowing what was ahead of him, tried to make excuses to get out of the workout all day. Nevertheless, Eric was a true gentleman and kept his word to go running with Dustin. As he pulled into the parking lot, Dustin posted a picture of the engagement ring, along with their first message, to Eric’s Facebook wall. As Eric walked over, he checked his phone and then looked up to see Dustin down on one knee. Dustin asked Eric to be his husband and spend the rest of their lives together and Eric accepted.

The wedding was planned for early May, so the couple was prepared when rain showers forced their ceremony indoors. However, just as the photographer was pulling up, the rain momentarily stopped and allowed for the couple to be able to get a few photos outdoors. But, right as they took their last photo, the clouds returned and the sun went away. Like most of their relationship, the couple saw this as more than just a coincidence and were grateful that the weather was on their side right when they needed it to be.

The theme for the wedding was “classic eloquence.” Despite how “nontraditional” the wedding was, Eric and Dustin wanted to have the tradition ceremony. The two combined tastes for planning the décor by having the black and white wedding Dustin always wanted, with accents of Eric’s favorite color, red.

Typically, the bride is the one to walk down the aisle at wedding. With this being a same-sex couple, however, there was no bride. Instead, Eric and Dustin both walked down the aisle; Dustin with his mom and Eric with his father and aunt.

True to form, the two planned the wedding date to have significance to them both. The numbers 11 and five had to be incorporated into the date since their first date was on 11/5/11 and their engagement was on 1/15/14. That is why they decided to get married on 5/1/15, because whichever way you flip the numbers it had an 11 and five no matter what.

Eric and Dustin’s wedding was one of the first legal same-sex weddings in Roanoke to use mainstream vendors and location. The two never felt like they needed to be ashamed of their relationship, so they decided to have a beautifully crafted wedding without fear. The ceremony had been planned long before the same-sex marriage was even legal so the two had decided to go up to Maryland to get married. Lucky for them, though, it was legalized in Virginia and the two could wed their perfect mate right where it all began.

Be sure to see the Thompson wedding on page 42 of the fourth issue of bridebook!

Photography: Tara Lilly Photography & Design
Tuxes: Bonobos & Davidson's
Florist: Caroline LaRocca Event Design
Cake: Cakes by Lisa
Venue: Vinton War Memorial
Caterer: Center Stage Catering
Planner: Carolina LaRocca Event Design
Jewelry: Jewells Fine Jewelry
DJ: RSP Entertainment
ttendants Dresses: The Newfangland
Bride Hair: Salon del Sol & Bang! It's a Hair Thing
Makeup- Polished by Claire V.
Officiant: Karen Osborne

Wedding Wednesday: The Lawrence Wedding

Jeanne and Allen Lawrence | September 22, 2013 | Photography by Michael Sink

Jeanne Boester and Allen Lawrence met while working for the Salem Red Sox, which sparked the desire to incorporate their love of baseball into the big day. When the whole family went on a cruise together, Allen surprised Jeanne with a very important question and proposing. The couple held a contemporary themed wedding with a color scheme of red, black, and gold. From the invitations designed into baseball cards to Jeanne's garter with the Red Sox logo embroidery, friends and family were able to see the couple's love story with the baseball touches. They even had their rehearsal dinner inside the stadium where they got on the field to start the celebration!

To read more about their love story and see more photos, pick up a copy of bridebook (on newsstands now) and flip to page 66!

Photography by Michael Sink
DRESS Sottero & Midgley from AmRhein's Brides & Formals
Linda Adams
First Christian Church
Sheraton Roanoke Hotel
CATERER Sheraton Roanoke Hotel
R.M. Johnson & Sons
Kevin Scott ATTENDANTS DRESSES Alfred Angelo from AmRhein's Brides & Formals
Men's Wearhouse
polished by claire v.
polished by claire v. and Annie Moore's Catering